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  • kicking speed

    I've been practicing gung fu for 2 years. I want to develope more speed in my kicks, so I wonder:
    Are there any good exercises that helps you developing the speed of your kicks?

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    Kicking. And more kicking, preferably against a well padded stationary bag or wall attachment. Sprinting would help also. You have to increase the number of fast twitch muscle fibers in the thighs and iliopsoas, which is best done by repetitive quick actions, and not by weight training.
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      ok, I understand. Thanks a lot for the information!!


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        Well what about strength training, not the slow grinding lifts but the fast ballistic lifts?

        Also, I thought it wasn't proven that you can 'develop' more fast twitch muscle fibers and that you were born with a predetermined amount of the three different types?


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          well what exactly do you want the strength to be applied to? it's pretty intuitive... if you want to train the muscles involved in executing a kick, do a lot of kicks, and if you want to train the muscles involved in swimming, go swimming a lot. if you want your legs to be strong for pushing off the ground in grappling situations, then do squats and the like.


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            Back in my kempo days I use to have students stand in front of chairs and kick slowly touch the back of the chair with your foot over and over again. It not only worked speed and strength by building up your tendons, but also really really worked your balance.


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              A mi tuo Fo everyone..

              On this I agree with Doc mostly. You will never get faster kicks if you don't practice kicking fast. Just like most things. Don't ONLY do other excersizes that are supposed to help something else. Just do the technique over and over. If you kick slowly all the time and half-ass your kicks, your kicks are never going to be fast and powerful. You've got to practice what you want to achieve. If you want your kicks to be faster and more powerful as the height increases, then always practice kicking high and fast and powerful. Then anything below that spot is going to be fast and powerful. So, that's my advice. Don't spend too much time on other excersizes. Spend most of your time kicking fast if you want fast kicks.

              A mi tuo Fo
              -Xing Jian


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                Also a good way of getting faster kicks is to stretch. It helps both speed and flexibility.

                "kicking someone in the face is like punching someone on the foot"


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                  Yes, flexibility will help you a lot. Stiff muscles aren't going to move fast.

                  That quote, "kicking someone in the face is like punching someone in the foot", is the stupidest thing I've ever heard. Who was it that said that? Some Shao Lin monk? I forget. But just because they are monks doesn't mean they know everything about fighting. I've seen so many monks that completely suck at Gong Fu.

                  Punching someone in the foot is NOTHING like kicking them in the face. The technique is nothing alike. The speed, power, nothing. It's not alike in the slightest bit. Whoever thought to say that is completely dumb about fighting. It sounds like a quote from someone who is upset because they can't kick high. There are too many things to show why they are not alike and why kicking them in the face can work. Let's just say I've knocked people out in a split second by kicking their head. But I never won a fight by punching someone's foot while it's on the ground. Punching a snap kick is good. But on the ground it's retarded. Whoever thought of comparing the two is equally retarded.

                  A mi tuo Fo
                  -Xing Jian


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                    Hi there
                    i agree that flexibility is a good way to have some speed.
                    but for sure you need more than flexibility

                    i suggest that you change in the training mood .. i mean
                    to try to kick form all the directions .. while you stand ...
                    while walking .. while running ...while attacking .. while going back as a defense
                    then you should develop your kick with understanding it
                    also you have to relate that kick with a power exercise
                    sit down and stand up with a kick ..
                    set down and stand up with two kicks

                    i guess you have to see a good coatch advise also
                    good luck pal


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                      lol @ the vast difference in training philosophies to the kfm crew.

                      I happen to agree with you all here, but try a hacky sack / or a shuttlecocck for 15 mins a day.



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                        eagle... You ain't never seen a baseball bat? A maniac knockin' on your baseball cap?

                        See, i've got room to talk, kid
                        I been layin' this track since north cackilack
                        And the very first day that you fell out the sack
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                        So you better get yourself another avatar for your xxxx
                        Or I will freaking annihilate your mug


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                          Woo. Fightin words.

                          Place is getting interesting...
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                          "You're just a jaded cynical mother****er...." Jeffpeg

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                            Look Man

                            i have another very good way to speed up your way of kicking

                            draw a circle and stay inside it and choose which kick you will train on ?

                            then try to kick as fast as you can in a circle

                            while you round against the clock pointer direction

                            and do that in a certain time

                            in the first day

                            .. (one minute as example) for two days

                            put you should know how many kicks you did in that minute

                            in the third day

                            make the time (1 minute and half ) and count to yourself for also two days

                            and after that make it ( 2 minutes) for some days

                            then you should go back to the 1 minute and see how speed you are in that kick


                            have fun brother


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                              Lotus, out of curiosity, what are the training philosophies of the kfm crew? specifically in regards to this issue........

                              Do they not beat up trees and do taiji pushhands underwater like the rest of us?
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