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IGV Useful Valorant Tips and Guide for All Beginners

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  • IGV Useful Valorant Tips and Guide for All Beginners

    Whether it's your first time playing a first-person shooter or you’re well acquainted with the genre, this Valorant Accounts Beginner's Guide will give you a rundown of all the basics you need to know to try Riot Games’ Hero FPS. From explaining the rules of Valorant to explanations of every facet of the game, this guide will help you hit the ground running.

    The Weapons

    There are quite a few different weapons in Valorant, and not all weapons were created equal. Split up into different categories — Sidearms, SMGs, Rifles, Shotguns, Machine Guns, and Sniper Rifles — understanding which is the best weapon in Valorant will give you a big advantage going into your first games.

    All Agents receive a "classic" sidearm for free, along with a knife, regardless of whether or not they spend credits. These will stay with you round after round. To get your hands on some more powerful firepower, you'll need to spend your creds.

    Best Weapons In Valorant

    Operator - The AWP of Valorant, the Operator is a high-powered long-range sniper rifle that is capable of killing fully-armored enemies at any range. It's ideal for peeking corners and holding down long sightlines. Any team will want to prioritize picking up an Operator as soon as possible. The weapon costs 5,000 creds to unlock.

    Phantom - This Assault Rifle is closely contested by the Vandal, the other popular assault rifle, in a rivalry that is a bit like the choice between the M4 and AK in Counter Strike. The Phantom has a fast fire rate, excellent accuracy with the first bullet, and is reasonably priced at 2,900 creds.

    Vandal - The main difference between the Phantom and Vandal is the damage output. Compared to the Phantom, the Vandal is great for one-tapping enemies with a headshot.

    Middle-of-the-road weapons in Valorant

    Spectre - Probably the best SMG in the game for pure damage. The Spectre is a good medium option before picking up the more versatile Vandal or Phantom. Great for close-range engagements.

    Sherriff - This high-powered sidearm can one-shot enemies to the head (if hit from a certain range).

    Judge - Shotguns aren't totally useless in Valorant, and out of all them, the Judge is the most reliable. Its ability to go full-auto means you can outgun most other weapons at close range. Lots of damage, but fairly situational.

    The Gameplay

    You understand the agents and the maps in Valorant, but how do you actually play? A standard competitive match will have two teams of five players. One will be the attackers and the other will be the defenders. If you’ve played other FPS games, then you’re probably familiar with this kind of setup.

    You can play a competitive match and earn points to boost your rank, or you can play unrated matches for fun.

    Matches have 13 rounds. The first team to make it to round 13 wins. Players only get one life per round, so it’s essential to be strategic with where you move and how you take down enemies. One wrong move and you’re done for the round.

    And here you are, ready to become a part of Valorant. I hope this Valorant beginner guide gave you a headstart. If you ever feel like you are missing something or if you want to Buy Ranked Valorant Accounts , I recommend visit